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Wire Cable Tray System

This wire conduit system is the strongest system for guiding and protecting cables, (flexible) pipes and hoses. The gutters are often used for cable management in data centers and server rooms.

Due to the large span options of this wire cable tray system, fewer brackets, rods and hanging elements are used. Moreover, with the accessories and the opt Hauptquartier ions for easily creating connections, the installation of the cable trays takes little time. The savings on material and installation costs also make the wire cable tray system attractive from a cost perspective.

This wire conduit system is ideal for routing cabling and piping in an organized and safe manner. The system meets the most important safety requirements and is DNV – Norske Veritas certified.

The wire cable trays are suitable for industries with specific requirements such as industrial automation (machine power cables and pipes) and the food industry (hygienic wire cable trays). Due to the smooth surface, the cable trays can be easily cleaned and the stainless-steel material prevents corrosion on the steel.

Advantages of wire cable tray system:

  • Excellent quality (very strong)
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Cost effective on material and installation time
  • DNV – Det Norske Veritas certified
  • Meets safety requirements


  • Wire trays C, G, Z & Mini Mesh width: 30, 46, 60, 75, 120, 220 mm;
  • Wire trays C, G, Z & Mini Mesh height: 6, 15, 24, 75, 80, 95, 100, 130, 150 mm;
  • Wire trays C, G, Z & Mini Mesh lenght: 2.000 mm;
  • Wire trays width: 53, 75, 120, 220, 320, 422, 522 and 622 mm;
  • Wire trays height: 45, 55, 60 and 110 mm;
  • Wire trays length: 2.500 mm;
  • Available in gloss galvanized, galvanized and stainless steel 316 steel versions;
  • Tested for function retention E30/E9.

Areas of application:

  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • OEM – Original Electronic Manufacturer
  • Datacenters – serverrooms
  • Medical pharmaceutical industry
  • Offices
  • Solar panels – PV Panels
  • All kinds of technical spaces
  • Industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Shipping
  • Off-shore
  • Maritime Sector
  • Residential building
  • Circularity
  • And others

If desired, Mulder-Hardenberg will carry out an inspection, provide tailor-made advice and come up with a free design. Mulder-Hardenberg also supplies high-quality turn-key products for simple and complex infrastructures in often demanding environments. The DEFEM wire cable tray system is part of Mulder-Hardenberg’s cable management solutions. The wire cable tray system is part of Mulder-Hardenberg’s cable management solutions.

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