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In many situations, reliable air supply, cooling and ventilation is critical to ensure continuity and safety.

Mulder-Hardenberg supplies a wide range of high-quality axial and centrifugal fans for (heavy) industrial, maritime and military applications. But also for smaller IT applications.

Depending on the specifications and requirements, Mulder-Hardenberg’s specialists recommend a suitable solution for the project. The fans are suitable for the most demanding environments and comply with market-specific laws and regulations.

Some areas of application:

  • Aviation: Ventilation of cockpits, cooling of electronic dashboards
  • Marine: Heat exchanger and cooling in antenna, cooling of radar boxes, ventilation of towers (discharge of fuel gas)
  • Public Transport/Transportation – Ships, railways, and buses: Cab ventilation and air conditioning, equipment cooling, electronic cooling, power block cooling, fan drawer… on trains, metros, trams and buses
  • Care & welfare – Medicine: Cooling of diagnostic and treatment equipment
  • Off-board power electronics: Electronic, electromechanical, industrial refrigeration, machine tool
  • Food industry – Food & beverage: Cold and warm ventilation, heat maintenance, freezing, baking, industrial dishwasher, ventilation in adhesive environments.

The range includes many versions with variations in supply voltage, dimensions, material type and speed. Optional extension options are available including a speed sensor, alarm, salt spray protection and protection against shock and/or vibration.

Types of fans:

  • Axial – both AC and DC
  • Centrifugal – both AC and DC
  • High-performance
  • 400Hz

These high quality fans and blowers are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories and are CE and UL-R certified, non-CSA.

Fans are part of a broader set of solutions that Mulder-Hardenberg offers. Contact us and discover what else Mulder-Hardenberg can do for clients, installers, integrators and engineers.

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