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Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Situation-specific requirements and laws and regulations greatly influence the selection of user interfaces and type of displays. Especially in mission-critical applications or demanding user environments – such as defence, (heavy) industry or maritime – specialist advice is essential.

Mulder-Hardenberg offers a wide range of solutions within the domain of user interfaces and display technology for monitoring and control. Depending on the application and the requirements of the specific project, Mulder-Hardenberg provides clients with advice.
Mulder-Hardenberg calls HMI a completely composed system with display, keyboard, pointing equipment (mouse/ trackpad/ etc.) and intelligence, such as:

  1. External PCs / IPCs (Industrial PCs)
  2. Integrated PCs – Panel PCs
  3. KVM extensions – devices that increase the distance between keyboard, mouse and a computer.

In addition, the individual components, installation, maintenance, and other services are plenty available.

Displays – Monitors

Mulder-Hardenberg supplies an extensive range of displays suitable for heavy-duty use in, among others, (heavy) industry, defense and maritime. The screens are in many cases provided with robust constructions, are resistant to prolonged and severe vibrations and offer excellent readability in all circumstances.

Mulder-Hardenberg also offers innovative solutions for use in transport and retail. In view of the markets in which Mulder-Hardenberg is active, in addition to quality, continuity and long-term serviceability are always central.

Panel PC’s

Panel PCs as part of a modular platform with various components make the application possibilities very wide. Mulder-Hardenberg specialists are happy to advise on the configuration that matches the application. You can also come to us for solutions for explosion and fire-hazardous (Ex/ATEX zone) environments. In many cases, the use of Panel PCs concerns the industry, but there is also great added value in retail and mobile working.

Keyboards and Pointing Devices

Mulder-Hardenberg recommends high-quality NSI keyboards, NSI trackballs, NSI trackpads, NSI mice, NSI joysticks and NSI touchpads. Also pushbuttons and selectors for applications in (heavy) industry, maritime and defense. If desired, there are possibilities to make the peripheral equipment corrosion-free and watertight. In many cases customization is possible.

Mulder-Hardenberg recommends high-quality, hygiene-friendly NSI keyboards, trackballs, trackpads, mice, joysticks and touchpads for applications in the (bio-)chemical, food-industrial, pharmaceutical and medical markets. Easy to clean, no hidden areas where dirt can accumulate. IP-ratings: Class IP55 – splashproof, IP65 – dustproof and water jet resistant, IP66 – waterproof and dustproof, IP67 – waterproof and dustproof.

HMI solutions:

  • Displays for heavy-duty use
  • Modular panel PCs for demanding user environments
  • High-quality industrial NSI keyboards and pointing devices
  • Specialist advice to comply with laws and regulations

HMI – Human Machine Interfaces is part of a broader set of solutions that Mulder-Hardenberg offers. Contact us and discover what else Mulder-Hardenberg can do for clients.

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In recent years, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (also known as LVNL) has worked hard on Tower 2.0. The aim of this project was a major modernization of the control tower at Schiphol. Part of the project was the digitization of the system with which air traffic controllers read flight information. Special tablets adapted by Mulder-Hardenberg played a leading role in this.

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Customized integrated solutions for industrial automation and network infrastructure

Since 1927, Mulder-Hardenberg has been a partner for industrial automation and network infrastructures. Competent specialists combine consulting, engineering, delivery, installation and maintenance to realize tailor-made solutions for projects with a high degree of complexity. Mulder-Hardenberg excels in demanding user environments and has extensive experience in defense, marine, aerospace, automotive, (heavy) industrial, data center and server room applications.