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Monitoring & Control

The further rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 brings opportunities, but also challenges. In order to fully exploit the potential of these developments, innovative solutions in the area of monitoring and control are required.

Mulder-Hardenberg supplies intelligent systems for (industrial) process and machine control, OEM, production lines, SCADA/RTU and other IIoT applications. With extensive experience in industrial automation, Mulder-Hardenberg specialists provide clients with tailor-made advice.

Integrated System for Industrial Automation

Mulder-Hardenberg supplies a complete system for industrial automation in which hardware and software are integrated. Control software, processors, controllers and I/O work together seamlessly and provide a platform for simple to very complex automation issues.

Edge Programmable Industrial Controller

An Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC) makes it easy to control field and operational devices and exchange data. By combining I/O, control, data processing and visualization in one compact industrial package, the system is easy to maintain and easy to use.

Operator Interfaces

Design and implement simple, effective operator interfaces via a web browser and then view them on (almost) all devices (regardless of manufacturer or operating system).

Monitoring & Control solutions:

  • Integrated solutions with hardware and software
  • Automate simple to very complex processes
  • Easy management and uniform exchange of data
  • Easily create operator interfaces that are scalable
  • Reduceer downtime.

Monitoring & Control is part of a broader set of solutions that Mulder-Hardenberg offers.

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