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Cable ties

Cable ties are indispensable in cabling infrastructures. A cable tie provides protection and keeps the cables organized.

Depending on the application and the requirements of the specific project, Mulder-Hardenberg provides clients and installers with advice on, among other things, material type, tensile strength, elasticity, weather resistance and coating.

Many of the products supplied are available in different sizes, colors and designs (e.g. fitted with Velcro, resealable heads, etc.).

A wide range of accessories and tools are available when using cable ties/cable loops. In many projects, cable ties are provided with fasteners / mounting blocks to simplify installation or cable clips are used to guide bundles.

For large-scale projects, Mulder-Hardenberg supplies tools (manually or pneumatically driven) to quickly and easily attach or detach cable ties.

Typen kabelbinders:

  • Cable ties / cable loops made of various different materials such as nylon, polyester, stainless steel (stainless steel).
  • Cable ties / cable loops available with various closure options.
  • Cable ties / cable loops with loose head. This makes it possible to loosen the strap if it has not been fully tightened, so that the cable structure can be adjusted afterwards.
  • All kinds of mounting and fastening material and accessories to fix, bundle and/or protect cables, hoses and pipes.

The cable ties / cable loops are part of Mulder-Hardenberg’s cable management solutions.
They are also popularly referred to as cable ties, Ty raps, tie wraps, cable bundle ties, colson ties or fasteners.

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