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Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Innovative Human Machine Interface solutions for mission critical applications and demanding user environments.

Mulder-Hardenberg supplies HMI and display solutions in which the application and the customer’s environmental factors are always central. A wide variety of situation-specific requirements and conditions require customization when it comes to user interfaces and display technology. Specialist advice in this regard is essential to comply with applicable laws and regulations, but also to guarantee continuity under extraordinary and/or extreme circumstances.

Mulder-Hardenberg has the expertise and experience in tailor-made HMI solutions for maritime, military and industrial applications. The right solution for every application. As a partner, Mulder-Hardenberg supports clients in the field of:

  • Advice
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Service maintenance

HMI+ expertise and track records

Statement: the sum of Market Knowledge + Design Knowledge + Product Knowledge results in tailor-made or standard production series HMIs that can be delivered quickly to customer needs.

HMI+ includes the market expert Mulder-Hardenberg, the product design, displays (with or without touch applications and (custom-) switches) and input devices, such as high-end industrial and/or easy-to-clean NSI keyboards and pointing devices such as NSI trackballs, mice, trackpads, etc. Due to the modular structure of the HMI+ concept, a suitable HMI can be created for every application, such as in industrial, (bio)chemical, food industrial, pharmaceutical and medical, machine construction, offshore and maritime applications.

Specialized engineers advise and, if necessary, develop a tailor-made solution that meets the challenges and wishes of a project.

In addition to being a supplier of total solutions, Mulder-Hardenberg has been the reliable partner for installation companies and other professionals for decades. Expert advice, excellent stock management and fast delivery have resulted in a healthy and growing portfolio of clients in the installation industry and beyond.

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Applying “The Expert Approach” in practice


Case – Human Machine Interfaces

In recent years, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (also known as LVNL) has worked hard on Tower 2.0. The aim of this project was a major modernization of the control tower at Schiphol. Part of the project was the digitization of the system with which air traffic controllers read flight information. Special tablets adapted by Mulder-Hardenberg played a leading role in this.

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When you needThe Expert Approach

Customized integrated solutions for industrial automation and network infrastructure

Since 1927, Mulder-Hardenberg has been a partner for industrial automation and network infrastructures. Competent specialists combine consulting, engineering, delivery, installation and maintenance to realize tailor-made solutions for projects with a high degree of complexity. Mulder-Hardenberg excels in demanding user environments and has extensive experience in defense, marine, aerospace, automotive, (heavy) industrial, data center and server room applications.