News Mailers

Year Month Subject Items
2018 Sept. High Voltage Relays, Cable Tags & fanless Power
  1. High Voltage Reed Relays for up to 10kV
  2. Print Cable Tags with the BBP33 Printer without any problems
  3. Fan-less class I or II Medical and Industrial Power Supplies
2018 August Intelligent PDU, Copper Cabling & Strongest Wire Trays
  1. Next Generation Rack PDU Platform
  2. Copper Cabling Systems
  3. Strongest Wire Tray System on the market
2018 July Isobus, Security Router & Cable Marking
  1. ISOBUS overmoulded
  2. Fixed Configuration Industrial Security Router
  3. High-quality wire and cable marking / glass fiber identification
2018 July Air Filters, Spider III & Locked Power
  1. Customized air filtration for real world environments
  2. SPIDER III Unmanaged DIN Rail Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switches
  3. Prevent accidental and vibration power disconnects
2018 July Joysticks, Wide Screens & 19" System Cabinets
  1. Joystick unit with dual function
  2. Large Industrial Displays from 32" to 65"
  3. 19 inch cabinet systems
2018 June Power Supply, DIN-Enclosure & small designed Connectors
  1. 1000W to 1500W Single Output General Purpose Power Supplies
  2. DIN rail enclosure for IoT
  3. IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon Filter Connectors
2018 June Network protection, wide range Coax & 6U ODF
  1. Standardization brings better Security to Networks
  2. Coax quality cables for every application
  3. High Capacity Splicing and Patch Frame Solution
2018 May Keyboards, Smart Display Control & Opto22 Hardware architecture
  1. Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad or Trackball
  2. Centralized dimming of multiple monitors with one button!
  3. Opto22 EPIC system is now being delivered!
2018 May Cooling, Connect and Power
  1. Looking for Fans?
  2. Overmoulded Superseal Connector series provides optimum protection in harsh environments
  3. Industrial grade 120W DC-DC converters - 4:1 input range
2018 May Busway system, Power Distribution & LAN Access point
  1. Unique Fiber Optic Raceway System for optimum performance and excellent cable management
  2. Keep on top of your business power needs - re-think power monitoring
  3. Industrial WLAN Access Points
2018 April Ruggedised Displays, Opto22 event
  1. Fire load and Smoke-optimized large screen Monitor
  2. Opto22 launches the first Edge-programmable industrial controller in Amsterdam
  3. Tough Displays for Extreme Environments
  4. World of Technology & Science 2018 (WoTS)

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