Case – Human Machine Interfaces

In recent years, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (also known as LVNL) has worked hard on Tower 2.0. The aim of this project was a major modernization of the control tower at Schiphol. Part of the project was the digitization of the system with which air traffic controllers read flight information. Special tablets adapted by Mulder-Hardenberg played a leading role in this.

Case – Networking

Data centers are becoming overcrowded and available capacity is limited. To monitor the security and performance of the network, this requires innovative scalable solutions. In addition to the achieved space efficiency, the work also saved 30% to 40% energy.

Case – Monitoring & control

Since 1999, AAQUA NV has specialized in the engineering and construction of various industrial wastewater treatment plants. Full process automation enables easy management. Remote monitoring allows AAQUA NV to continuously monitor and control the water treatment for optimal operation. Discover the Cost savings and flexible, robust systems for industrial wastewater treatment.

Case – Fiberglass

Sentia has been a reliable provider of network and hosting facilities and a strong Cloud Services provider for two decades now. The fiber optic network in the data center is crucial for top-class service. Sentia has accelerated the timeframe for the rollout of the new network to meet customer requirements. Read how the expansion of the fiber optic network has resulted in a direct interpretation of the quality and speed of the customer’s service.

Case – Cable management

One of our customers, a highly skilled machine building company, makes tailor-made production lines for international companies in the food industry. The company develops efficient lines to produce various types of bread and provides service and maintenance for the products supplied. Discover the solutions that meet the strict international hygiene standards in the food sector.

Case – Human Machine Interfaces

As part of the Ministry of Defence, the Dutch navy plays an important role in international peace operations. The M-frigates form a significant part of the Dutch fleet. The monitors in the Technical Center on board these vessels have reached the end of their useful life. Discover how Mulder-Hardenberg engineered a unique solution for shockproof monitors for the frigates of the Dutch Navy.

Case – Designing smart cities

The Rotterdam Development Company (OBR) is a body that develops initiatives aimed at developing the municipal infrastructure in the port. One of the recent activities of the OBR was the launch of Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-iX), which is housed in several locations and functions, including as a marketplace for suppliers and providers of internet services. Discover how Mulder-Hardenberg worked on a future-proof city through fiber optics.